Adoption LawyerInviting a new child into your family in Clearwater is a joy, but the legal process that allows you to open up your doors is not something most people look forward to eagerly. An adoption lawyer at Wagstaff Law Office can help you to maintain your enthusiasm even while you iron out the legal details.

Often, couples dabbling with the idea of taking a child in are daunted by the process and fear that it will prove too costly for them to afford. If this is your dream, an experienced adoption lawyer can help you turn it into a reality. Thousands of couples, and even singles, adopt children each year and, if you meet the requirements, you can too.

How Can an Adoption Lawyer Help Me?

If you are in the early stages, discussing your circumstances and your reasons for wanting to invite a child into your family with an adoption lawyer will be the best first step to take. They will help you to understand what options are available to you, and form of plan of action. A professional in Clearwater will help you consider which route to take and can help you determine what kind of child will best fit your family.

First, you will need to decide if you would like to focus on domestic or international adoption. Each type is a unique process that comes with a different set of rules and requirements. You will then need to face other important questions such as:

  • Are you willing to care for a special needs child?
  • Would you want the adoption to be open or closed?
  • Would you prefer to go through an agency? If so, do you want to go with a State agency or one that is privately owned?
  • Would you want to begin your journey as a foster care parent and then move forward with permanent placement?
  • Are you looking for an infant or an adolescent?

Each decision comes with a different set of responsibilities that may not seem evident at first glance. Consulting an adoption lawyer who has helped families work out similar details is the best way to understand which route will be best for your situation. Requirements may change depending on the nation you choose or even which agency you go with. Knowing this in advance will help you make informed assessments of what will best work for you and prevent disappointment or frustration down the line.

We work in close collaboration with soon-to-be parents in Clearwater to help them understand their needs, see their goals, and so they understand legal responsibilities and rights as we work through each stage together.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Deciding whether this is right for you is a very personal question. You know the best options for you and your family better than anyone else does, yet sometimes having guidance in asking the right questions will help you make the smartest decision. An adoption lawyer can help you look at your dream realistically. The attorneys at Wagstaff Law Office have a combined experience of over fifty years working with family law, which means that we stay well connected to the organizations and other key players in the adoption process in Clearwater. We can help you find reputable organizations, agencies, and reliable resources to explore. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest, but we can help you take it.

Wagstaff Law Office Can Help You

An adoption lawyer at Wagstaff Law Office will closely work with you to create a plan that best suits your needs. We can assist you in all aspects of placement, beginning from the first questions to ask yourself and then take you through each step of the process until you have your new child safely inside your arms. Give us a call at 727-584-8182 to set up a meeting in Clearwater to discuss your dream and let us help you turn it into reality.