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Adoption Lawyer | Palm Harbor | Wagstaff Law OfficeWelcoming a new member of the family in Safety Harbor is a thrilling and exciting prospect. Adopting an individual can strengthen relationships as well as solidify ones that are already strong, but jumping through all of the legal hurdles requires a great effort before the deal is done. With the help of an adoption lawyer, you can ease the process and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and that help is never far away as you enter this new phase of life.

Types of Adoption

While many imagine a young couple adopting an orphaned child when they imagine why someone would need an adoption lawyer, there are many different scenarios where having an attorney is in your best interest. Different types of adoptions include:

Agency. Whether public or private, an agency places a child, most often wards of the state who were orphaned or abandoned for various reasons, with adoptive parents.

Independent. No agency is involved in this scenario, although there is often an intermediary party such as a counselor or attorney. This can take place directly between the birth parents and adoptive guardians, however, with no third party involved. Legal paperwork and filing are still required, though, and an attorney is critical for making sure it is done correctly.

Identified/Designated. This scenario involves adoptive parents and birth parents identifying or designating one another as wanting to take the child in, and they turn to an agency or third party to continue the process together.

International. A child of foreign citizenship can be adopted by Americans who wish to take in a new family member. An immigrant visa must be obtained for the child through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and once they enter the country, they will be declared a U.S. citizen. The acquisition of an immigrant visa and the following procedures makes having an adoption lawyer absolutely critical.

Stepparent. When a parent marries, the new spouse can choose to legally adopt their spouse’s child from a previous relationship. This process can be relatively simple if the other birth parent is cooperative, but if they are not, then it can be trickier.

Relative/ Grandparent. If a child’s guardians pass away or are unable to care for them while they are minors, then a relative such as a grandparent can adopt them.

There are many different scenarios for adopting a child, and for the vast majority, there are endless benefits to having an experienced and caring adoption lawyer on your side. Even if things seem relatively straightforward at first, snags could occur, and having a legal professional at your disposal is invaluable for Safety Harbor guardians.

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