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Child Custody AttorneyWe know that children are the most challenging aspect of separation for parents in Largo, but a child custody attorney at Wagstaff Law Offices may be able to help ease some of the tension you may be facing. Our number one goal is to help you and your family when times get tough. We have helped thousands of post-dissolution divorcees to find a common ground and create the best possible arrangement for the wellbeing of their kids.

Do I Need to be the Legal Parent to Hire a Child Custody Attorney?

Not necessarily. A child custody attorney at Wagstaff Law Offices can help legal mothers and fathers in Largo, but we also provide our services to extended family members such as grandparents, stepparents, and other relatives who play a vital role in the life of the child.

We know the process of establishing guardianship or adopting children into your family can be difficult emotionally, legally, and financially for all parties involved. We have been helping our clients through truly difficult situations for many years and have developed the compassion and understanding that only experience can teach. We want to help you get through this process with as little trouble as possible so you and your kids can resume a happy, healthy lifestyle in Largo.

How Do I Establish Child Custody?

An important thing to remember when discussing arrangements with your child custody attorney is that the court’s priority is to look out for the best interest of the kids. In order to determine what is best for the kids, many situational and physical factors will be considered, including:

  • Children: age, state of physical and mental health, and gender.
  • Parents: health, lifestyle, stability of environment, ability to provide for the basic needs of their offspring (shelter, food, clothing, and medical care).
  • Emotional: whether there is love in the parent-child relationship and if they will be cooperative in allowing a healthy relationship with the other parent.
  • Locational: whether the location has access to the right schools in Largo and anything else that may be necessary.
  • Preference: when he or she is over 12 years of age, his or her choice is considered.

What Kind of Arrangements are Available?

When it comes to families, no two are the exact same. Different circumstances and situations call for various provisions. Some of the most common arrangements that a child custody attorney will typically see in Largo include:

  • Legal Custody. This grants decision rights and responsibility for how the kids are raised; this arrangement allows the parent to decide about elements like religion, education, discipline, and medical care.
  • Physical Custody. This grants the right for them to physically live with the parent who has this right.
  • Sole Custody. This allows sole rights for one parent, leaving only visitation rights to the other.
  • Joint Custody. This gives both parents an ability to make arrangements for the children and share the responsibilities of decision making.
  • Birds Nest Custody. This allows the kids to stay in one home while the parents take turns caring for him or her.

Each arrangement comes with its advantages and disadvantages for the guardians and the children living in Largo. Therefore, it is wise to consider your options carefully and receive advice from your child custody attorney.

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