Wagstaff Law Office - Child Custody AttorneysIf a broken marriage has separated you from your children, a child custody lawyer may be able to help you modify your divorce arrangement in Largo. The attorneys at Wagstaff Law Offices have helped many divorced parents create comfortable arrangements are satisfying for everyone involved.

What Can a Child Custody Lawyer Do For Me?

A child custody lawyer in Largo can help you work out an arrangement that will be fair for both parents and best for the children involved. Florida State judges are most concerned about the well-being of the youngsters, and we work with you to makes sure that not only is son or daughter is getting the best upbringing possible, but that you are as involved as possible with their lives.

There are many different possible arrangements, and your child custody lawyer can go through the details to create a plan that works with your lifestyle and provides comfort for your kids. We can help you see which options you qualify for and how they will look for your family.

Legal Custody

Legal custody grants you decision-making rights and responsibilities, allowing you to have a say in how your kids are raised. This arrangement allows the parent to have a say in all of the major elements in their child’s life, including how they are raised as far as religion, education, discipline, and medical care are concerned.

Physical Custody

If you have physical rights to your kids, they are legally allowed to live with you in Largo.

Sole Custody

If you are granted sole rights, your children will live with you while the other parent may be limited to visitation rights only.

Joint Custody

Join responsibility gives both parents ability to make arrangements for their kids in Largo as well as the opportunity to split their decision-making responsibilities amongst themselves. This allows their children to enjoy being raised by both parents equally.

Birds Nest Custody

A bird’s nest arrangement gives your son or daughter an opportunity to live in one home while you and the other parent take turns or rotate in caring for him or her.

These are the necessary arrangements styles for you to consider. There are many ways to chisel out your arrangement and fine tune the details, no matter which plan ends up being the best fit for your family. Your child custody lawyer can help you think through all of the concerns that arise as you create a fair parenting plan. Sometimes, the idea of being separated from a child overwhelms the parent and creating a practical plan becomes even more challenging due to emotions.

A trustworthy, warm, and comforting child custody lawyer at Wagstaff can help you feel at ease. Our attorneys have been helping families for over fifty years and have learned to approach parents with compassion and understanding. We know this is a difficult time for you, and it is our goal to help you make it through without making any regrettable decisions. We will help you work out the details, think about important aspects of your child’s upbringing, and come to an agreement with the other parent.

What Is Considered When Creating an Arrangement?

When you set out to create a practical system of parenting for your child, the courts will take everything that directly affects him or her into consideration. Your child custody lawyer in Largo can go over your situation and help you understand how it will affect you in court. This will include:

  • The age, gender and state of mental and physical health of your son or daughter.
  • Each parent’s state of health, stability of environment, their lifestyle, and ability to provide for their kids. Also, the emotional condition of each parent will be considered; are they capable of having a healthy and loving relationship with their youngster?
  • Where each parent lives also has weight. The distance to the proper schools and other factors will be taken into account.
  • When children are over twelve years of age, their preference will be taken into consideration as well.

Wagstaff Law Offices Can Help You with Your Arrangement

A child custody lawyer at Wagstaff Law Office, P.A. can help you create the best possible arrangement for everyone involved in your family situation in Largo. Give us a call at 727-584-8182 to schedule your consultation today.