Wagstaff Law Office - Child Custody AttorneysAt Wagstaff & Pitelis, we specialize in family law. We have the experience and knowledge to help you resolve all aspects of your divorce, including child custody, a parenting plan, alimony, and child support.

We take a therapeutic approach to resolving family law issues, known as therapeutic justice (TJ). Though we are aggressive when warranted, we understand the importance of reaching a resolution as peaceably as possible for you and your child's sake. We know that we are not just representing you, we are advocating for the best interest of a child.

Child Custody Cases in Florida

Florida Statutes rarely use the term “custody.” Instead, they refer to “time-sharing” between parents or legal guardians.

Time-sharing plans are arrangements outlined in “parenting plans.” Parenting plans are documents outlining how parents will divide parental responsibilities regarding their child after a divorce. With time-sharing, it can be on a majority or equal basis. This can include everything from holiday schedules, education, religion, and after school clubs, to parent-parent and child-parent communications. These terms need to be clearly established; violating them can have serious consequences. An example of a parenting plan used in the state of Florida can be viewed by clicking here.

We Take Your Kids Seriously

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When personal emotions are involved, an experienced attorney helps you navigate challenging steps. At Wagstaff & Pitelis, we are prepared to help fathers, mothers, step parents, grandparents, and other relatives establish custody and even adoption. Whatever the nature of your case, know that we will provide you with the attention, dedication and commitment your family deserves.

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