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At Wagstaff & Pitelis, we know that grandparent issues can arise in many different family situations. Our helpful staff will make the legal process less stressful as well as more expedient and manageable for you and your loved ones. It is important to us that families go through as little anxiety as possible when it comes to legalities, and we strive to provide a comforting, relaxed atmosphere for you to feel at ease.

Grandparents and Adoption

Whether you are a grandparent seeking to adopt or a parent trying to prevent your child from being adopted by your elders, we can help.

  • Unlawful claims that may prevent adoption
  • The maze of paperwork required in any case
  • Understanding and gaining knowledge of parental rights
  • Mediation between parent, guardian, spouse, or grandparents
  • Florida family law requirements
  • Guardian Ad Litem to ensure the wellbeing of the child

It is as important to us as it is to you that your child is placed within the best home and circumstances possible. For more information on adoption, click here.

Grandparents and Divorce

Grandparent may seek custody of children during a separation and/or divorce. Whether you are the grandparent or the parent, Wagstaff & Pitelis is here to help you and the children involved.

If you are a grandparent or parent trying to win a custody battle during a divorce, then we encourage you to call us today to begin a consultation. We want to help you in discovering all of your options and rights. We are here to provide legal advice as well as emotional support. Allow us to step in and help you and your family come to quicker and more satisfying conclusions and solutions.

Inheritance Issues

Inheritance matters are a very serious problem for many families. We know the difference an inheritance can make in someone’s life, and we want to help you gain what you are entitled to while preserving your family’s relationships.

We will make sure that no illegal actions have taken place; all inheritance documents are recovered, reviewed, and properly dispersed; and clients are compensated for what they are owed. Know your rights and go to court with a knowledgeable representative from Wagstaff & Pitelis.

Grandparents and Wills

If you are a grandmother or grandfather preparing to rewrite or establish your will and want to make sure that your inheritance and other grandparent issues will be properly taken care of, we are here to help you. We can handle the paperwork and make sure that your wishes are completed.

Help is here for you – contact Wagstaff & Pitelis at 727-584-8182 for your consultation.