Estate Planning Attorneys | Largo | Wagstaff Law Office, P.A.Have peace of mind and know that your wishes will be honored when you cannot voice them yourself. The estate planning attorneys at Wagstaff & Pitelis help you analyze what you have and create a strong plan for the future. We are also here for you on an ongoing basis to modify, update, and revisit your plan as life happens and changes take place such as divorces, marriages, or births.

The Role of Your Estate Planning Attorney

Your wishes and desires form an estate plan document with instructions on how you would like your belongings to be treated or divided and who receives them. In the case of severe injury or death, when you are not able to speak for yourself, others are legally required to honor your requests.

Once a person passes away, their assets are dealt with according to the instructions specified in their final will. It is imperative to have this legal document before the time of death. Whomever you name executor will be in charge of ensuring that your wishes take place. If you do not create a will, the State will be in charge of distributing your assets and your loved ones will have to go through a lengthy, often stressful probate process.

Protect your property and assets for your loved ones. With our attorneys, learn how certain taxes and fees may be avoided. We are here to help you look at your situation, answer pressing questions, and work toward your wishes. The best thing is to have a strategy now so that all is carried out the way you envision.

In Case of Incapacitation

If a medical trauma occurs that leaves you incapable of handling your own affairs and you have not set up powers of attorney with your estate planning attorney, a judge will appoint a guardian or a conservator to make decisions on your behalf. Leaving the appointment of decision makers to chance or to the discretion of a judge places you at the mercy of a complete stranger. Stay in control of your future by officially appointing your own representative with the help of an estate planning attorney.

The Basics of Estate Planning

Create your strategy with Wagstaff & Pitelis. We will guide you by asking questions, answering your questions, and taking time to understand your wishes. The process involves assessing your assets, taking a close look at your debts and investments, and determining your overall finances. There are many forms, documents, and steps to take, but we will make the process as smooth as possible for you.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Powers of appointment
  • Property ownership including assets, investments, income, and debts
  • Designating beneficiaries and heirs
  • Financial powers of attorney
  • Healthcare powers of attorney

To set forth a good plan for the future, your estate planning attorneys will need to carefully analyze the current state of your belongings as they are at present. The process involves assessing your assets, taking a close look at your debts and investments, and determining your overall financial state. We believe that knowing what you have will be a great benefit to you because it will help you to see your options clearly and look at the future in Largo with confidence.

Once you have your basic strategy in order, you will have an opportunity to make adjustments. Life brings about many changes as marriages happen, children are born, and divorces take place. The initial process takes some time and thought, but once you create the original documents, changes can be made when necessary.

Life is unpredictable. Many families have suffered significant financial loss due to additional taxes and probate fees that were required because someone in their family died without a legal strategy in place.

Create a strong plan of action for you and your family. Contact us today to get started – 727-584-8182.