Private Adoption

Benefits of Private Adoption

If you are hoping to grow your family through adoption, you may wonder whether you should work with an agency, try to find a birth mother yourself for a private adoption, or go through the foster system. No matter which route you choose, an adoption attorney will be involved in the process. Finding an attorney you trust who understands the process is one key to a successful adoption. Here are some benefits of working with an adoption attorney in pursuit of a private adoption.

More Flexibility

In a private adoption, you and the birth parents decide on the structure of the adoption. Because you have likely met the birth parents, or at least the mother, you and she may have already discussed if this will be an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. If all parties decide that some level of openness is desired, you will be able to define this with your adoption attorney in the paperwork. You can also choose how much financial support to provide during the pregnancy and at what intervals.

Greater Transparency

Because you and the birth parents have direct communication during a private adoption, there is more transparency. Whether you do everything through you attorney or meet outside their office, you may know more about the parents’ background, health history, and hopes they have for the child they have chosen to place with you. Likewise, they will know more about you as well.


One benefit of an adoption attorney is that, from the beginning of the process, they can advise you as to what is common (and legal) regarding expenses and when to pay them. They can also hold the funds in escrow for you and dispense them on a schedule either to the birthparent directly or to doctors and insurance companies for medical expenses. This protects you from a potential claim that agreed-upon expenses were not covered or may provide some recourse if the birthparents change their mind.

If you are hoping to minimize the cost of adoption by choosing private adoption, this is not always the case. The agreed-upon expenses may influence the overall cost. Whether through a private or agency adoption, you will pay expenses incurred for the attorneys involved. Choosing an adoption attorney with experience can make the process go more smoothly. Wagstaff Law Office has the experience you want for your private adoption. Call us today at (727) 584-8182 to learn more about our adoption attorney services.