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Family Law

Co-Parenting Strategies that Work

We know that children with divorced parents thrive when their parents set aside the differences that may have led to divorce and focus on working together to provide stability for the entire family. When the wellbeing of the kids is the priority for both parents, children are more likely to grow up becoming more emotionally…

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Advice from Your Family Law Attorneys to Simplify Time Sharing

Family Law Attorneys

Once called child custody, the state of Florida now uses the term time sharing to describe the time a minor child spends with each parent after divorce or separation. Time sharing is hard for both the parents and the children. The best thing you can do as the parent is to make the time sharing…

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Frequently Asked Paternity Questions

Paternity Lawyer

Establishing or disestablishing paternity can be complicated. As paternity lawyers, we receive many inquiries from both mothers and fathers about paternity issues. Here are some of the most common questions we receive and the answers. Can the Court Order Me to Take a Paternity Test? There are a few cases where you may be ordered…

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6 Life Changes That May Require an Update to Your Estate Plan

estate plan change

An estate plan isn’t a “set it and forget it” arrangement. Major life changes may affect or even nullify some of the conditions in your plan, so it’s important to maintain it well. Any time you experience a major life change, it should be a signal to connect with your attorney to discuss updates. Here…

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3 Things You Shouldn’t Include in Your Prenuptial Agreement

include in prenup

Many couples consider prenuptial agreements prior to marriage. Prenuptial agreements can protect each person by defining how assets will be divided should the marriage end. While these agreements are valuable and necessary for many couples, they do not include provisions for all circumstances. There are some stipulations that do not belong in a prenuptial agreement.…

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Things to Consider Before You Say, “I Do.”

prenup attorney

Although marriage is supposed to be a life long commitment, we hear from couples looking for a divorce attorney often. People divorce for many different reasons, and some of the most common reasons tend to be the following: Financial Disagreements Parenting Differences Incompatibility/Communication Issues If you don’t want to find yourself calling a divorce attorney…

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When “Happily Ever After” Doesn’t Last Forever

During and after divorce, it can sometimes feel as though “happily ever after” will never be an option again. But this doesn’t have to be true. While divorce does mark the end of a marriage relationship, it does not mark the end of a thriving home and family life. When walking through a divorce, this…

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5 Things You Should Know if You’re Considering Divorce

Divorce in Florida

Coming to the conclusion that a divorce is in your future is never an easy decision, especially when children are involved. Before you try to go it alone or decide you want to share a divorce attorney, here are five things you should know about divorce in Florida. 1. Your Debts and Assets are Both…

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Domestic Abuse is More than Just Physical Abuse

domestic abuse

As a family law practice dealing frequently in divorce, we understand that there are many reasons a marriage doesn’t work out. Although family and friends may encourage you to stay, if your reason for leaving is due to abuse, it’s better to remove yourself from the situation than risk serious harm. Domestic abuse is often…

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What You Can Do as a Victim of Domestic Violence

domestic violence

No one deserves to be abused. Your abuser may want you to believe it’s your fault that you’re being hit, punched, or otherwise hurt. It’s not. Abusers often isolate their victims so that they have no where to turn. If you feel you are stuck in an abusive relationship, there are many organizations throughout the…

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