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Estate Planning

Frequently Asked Questions about Probate

Probate Attorney

The probate process almost always requires the assistance of a probate attorney. When someone close to you dies and leaves you as the personal representative (or executor), you will need the assistance of an attorney unless the assets that might need probate are under $75,000. Regardless of the estate value, however, it is often a good idea to…

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Reasons an Estate Planning Attorney May Recommend a Trust

Three Generation women

If you have the common misconception that a trust is only for the very wealthy, you are among the majority. The many people who hire us as their estate planning attorney ask for a will and when we mention a trust might be a better option, they quickly explain that they do not have those…

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The Many Benefits of a Trust

benefits of a trust

If you have not consulted with an estate planning attorney about setting up a trust for your assets, now is a great time to contact one. You may be unsure of the benefits of a trust for your family. Significant wealth is not the only reason to consider a trust. It’s Easier on Your Beneficiaries…

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6 Life Changes That May Require an Update to Your Estate Plan

estate plan change

An estate plan isn’t a “set it and forget it” arrangement. Major life changes may affect or even nullify some of the conditions in your plan, so it’s important to maintain it well. Any time you experience a major life change, it should be a signal to connect with your attorney to discuss updates. Here…

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Estate Planning is for Everyone

estate planning is for everyone

Although your net worth may not be millions of dollars, it is still advisable to work with an estate lawyer on your estate plan. A common misconception is that your estate is just what you own, however a good estate attorney will tell you that a properly executed estate plan includes so much more than…

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4 Things You Need to Know about Wills and Probate

know about probate

There are many misunderstandings about a last will and testament and the probate process. Some come from television, while other people just make assumptions about how it works. No matter where the incorrect information comes from, it can cause those you leave behind headaches. When you work with a law firm who handles trusts, wills…

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Turn to an Estate Attorney for Probate Assistance

estate attorney

Whether you’ve recently faced the death of a loved one with or without a valid will, you should hire a probate attorney, also known as an estate attorney, to help with the deceased’s estate. In Florida, there are different processes, and the right one depends on the value of the estate, how long ago the…

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What’s the Difference Between a Trust and a Will?

estate planning

When it comes to estate planning, a will is like the foundation for which you build upon. In many cases, our clients will ask us what the difference is between a trust and a will. Whether it’s prized possessions you wish to distribute equally among family members, guardianship of young children, or who you’d like…

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Estate Planning for Young Couples

If you ask most young couples whether or not they have an estate plan, living will, or guardian for their children, too often the answer is “no.” Thinking about death can be seen as morbid – plus, why should someone in their 20s or 30s bother making such uncomfortable decisions? The reality is, no matter…

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9 Tips for Holding a Successful Estate Sale

successful estate sale

After the loss of a loved one, such as a parent, determining what to do with their estate during the grieving process can become overwhelming. But don’t let the name fool you. In many cases, estate sales are also held for when a loved one is downsizing or moving into a retirement home or assisted…

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