Grandparent Rights to Visitation are Not Guaranteed

grandparent with grandkids

As a family law firm, we are often asked about grandparent rights. As much as studies show that children who spend time with their grandparents are better behaved and happier overall, that is not true in all situations. Sometimes grandparents are not loving or accepting, or shame children who do not behave as they expect.…

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Relative Issues in Today’s Families

stepmom and child

Families form in many ways in today’s world. Relationships between siblings these days are more varied than ever before with marriage, divorce and adoption. This can lead to many legal questions regarding family and relative issues. As a family law firm who offers divorce, child custody, and adoption services, here are some situations we have…

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Temporary Custody of Grandchildren

temporary custody with a grandparent

For most, being a grandparent is fun and stress-free. However, when we see our children are not providing a safe or quality life for our grandchildren, it is heartbreaking and stressful. As a parent, you know the bond you have with your children and them with you. As a grandparent, you want what is best…

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How Do I Get Temporary Custody as a Non-Parent

Child Custody Laws 090721

As a member of a child’s extended family, Pinellas County does allow for temporary custody measures to be taken in certain cases when the child’s wellbeing is at stake. In Florida, child custody laws do make some provisions for extended family to gain temporary custody. Here are some factors that influence this and considerations you…

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Understanding Temporary Custody

Temporary Custody 092320

Sometimes moms or dads (or both) may have issues that leave them unable to provide a stable environment for their children. If you are a parent who needs some help to get back on your feet or if you are a relative to minor children who are not being properly cared for, temporary custody may…

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Visitation and Custody for Grandparents

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Although the State of Florida strives to ensure that primary custody of minor children remains with the parents, that is not always possible. In cases where a parent is deceased or not able to parent, grandparents can be granted visitation or custody of the minor children. This process requires the help of a skilled family…

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Grandchild Adoption in Florida

Grandchild Adoption 061620

No parent expects to be in a position where they need to adopt their grandchild, however, it does happen. Sometimes the welfare of the child is drawn into question, and this can lead parenting grandparents to wonder whether grandchild adoption may be in the best interest of all family members. In other situations, it may…

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Visitation and Custody Rights of Grandparents

Divorce and separation affect more than just parents and their children. Often grandparents, aunts and uncles and other close relatives who were used to spending significant time with a child miss the time they once shared with their grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Sometimes grandparents and other relatives have not been considered in the visitation schedules…

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Obtaining Custody of a Relative Minor

There are times when the parent is not parenting and it would be in the child’s best interest for them to be with another family member. If you believe that a relative child would benefit from you raising them, you can petition to become the caregiver. Although there are cases where you may not need…

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4 Ways Grandparents Can Support Their Grandchildren During Divorce

grandparents divorce

When families go through divorce, children may feel confused, sad and uncertain while their parents work through the proceedings. Divorce is often a difficult experience for the entire family, but there are many things that can be done to maintain as much normalcy as possible. Grandparents, especially, may be uniquely positioned to provide extra stability…

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