Understanding What Can Be in a Prenuptial Agreement

what's allowed in a prenup - couple with attorney

Too many people think of a prenuptial agreement as something they need only if they are very wealthy or do not entirely trust their future spouse. In reality, a prenup can protect each party. However, there are limits as to what can and cannot be included in one. Before you meet with your family law…

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When DNA Testing Uncovers Hidden Truths

DNA testing fatherhood

There was a time, not too long ago, when determining paternity cost thousands of dollars. Now for less than $100 families all over the world are discovering hidden truths. Sometimes new connections bring joy, other times, broken hearts. When you discover that you are not the biological father of a child you love and are…

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How to Help the Ukrainian People

Ukraine help

The situation in Ukraine is horrifying, sad and unbelievable. Although we are a continent away and certainly hope that this conflict ends soon, the people of Ukraine need help more than ever. If you are wondering what you can do to help the Ukrainian people, we have some suggestions as well as some things to…

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Understanding Estate Planning

estate planning with Wagstaff & Pitelis

To many, estate planning seems too complicated so they continue to put it off. However, it is too important a task not to give it your attention. By working with a family law firm who specialize in estate planning in Largo, Florida or in your state, the process can be made easier. We understand that…

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Things to Know About a Prenuptial Agreement in Florida

Prenuptial agreement in Florida

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! We know that whether you are planning a beach wedding in Belleair Bluffs or a traditional wedding in a church in Dunedin, you have a lot to do. One thing you may not be thinking about, but should start discussing, is a prenuptial agreement in Florida. What a Prenup Is…

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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help Post-Divorce

Family Law Attorney 022321

Although your divorce is final, you may continue to need the assistance of a family law attorney. This is especially true in divorces with minor children. After nearly any change to your or the co-parent’s financial, work or living situation, you may require an attorney’s assistance. Here are a few instances which may require the…

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Divorce Through Mediation and Collaboration

Mediation and collaboration are two alternatives to traditional divorce, which involves court negotiations between you, your former partner, and each of your attorneys. If you are looking for a less expensive, and often faster, means to divorce, you may want to consider some form of mediation or collaboration. Typically, these options only work if you…

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How a Family Law Attorney Helps with Paternity Issues

family law attorney

Florida law assumes that when a couple is married and a woman gives birth, that her husband is the legal father. However, the state also differentiates legal and biological paternity. Often, the legal and biological father are the same person, though sometimes, they are not. When you are in a nontraditional situation looking to establish paternity, you may…

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Do You Know if You Need a Divorce Modification?

divorce modification

While divorce modification is often necessary in the years following the dissolution of a marriage, there are still circumstances which do not warrant this legal change. Often when determining the need to reconsider the existing terms of the divorce, the courts will take a closer look at three things before moving forward:  Has there been…

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Part 2

domestic violence awareness lawyer

Throughout October we’ve been recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence can take many different forms. What may start out like small, harmless character traits can soon become a matter of life or death. In some cases, victims may be afraid to come forward or try to excuse the abuser’s behavior in order to avoid…

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