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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help Post-Divorce

Although your divorce is final, you may continue to need the assistance of a family law attorney. This is especially true in divorces with minor children. After nearly any change to your or the co-parent’s financial, work or living situation, you may require an attorney’s assistance. Here are a few instances which may require the help of your attorney, either through mediation or the court system.

Parenting Plan Violations

Establishment of a parenting plan is a standard part of divorce involving minor children. Parenting plans provide a document to guide the parents in regard to time-sharing and other issues concerning the children. This written documentation helps protect each parent and their time with the children. If one parent fails to comply with the parenting plan, a family law attorney can help. The attorney can also assist if one parent violates any of the Florida guidelines for co-parenting. Violations which may require your family law attorney include:

  • Refusing child access to the other parent via telephone
  • Changing or delaying the custody exchange on a regular basis
  • Withholding necessary medical care to the child
  • Denying the child’s access to approved and agreed upon extracurricular activities

The repercussions vary depending on the violation. For instance, a judge may award additional time to the parent who was shorted visitation time. If there are ongoing custody exchange issues, the judge may order a permanent modification of the parenting plan. In some cases, the violator can be ordered to pay all court costs and attorneys’ fees for both parties. A judge may find the parent in contempt of court and fine them.

Parent Relocation Away From the Local Jurisdiction

Sometimes a parent’s move is not an issue, especially if both parents are still local to the Tampa Bay area. However, in the case of a military relocation or other job change where one parent moves out of state (making it impossible to follow the current time-sharing agreement) both parents will need family law attorneys to create a new parenting plan. Many factors will determine the necessary changes that will be made. Some updates may include changes to the primary custodial parent for the best interest of the children.

Wagstaff Family Law Can Help

Even after your divorce is final, it may still benefit you and your family to continue to work with a family law attorney. If you have an issue with your child’s other parent or another concern such as child support modification, alimony termination, modification, or even termination of parental rights, contact Wagstaff Family Law. Call (727) 584-8182 to schedule a confidential consultation.