temporary custody with a grandparent

Temporary Custody of Grandchildren

For most, being a grandparent is fun and stress-free. However, when we see our children are not providing a safe or quality life for our grandchildren, it is heartbreaking and stressful. As a parent, you know the bond you have with your children and them with you. As a grandparent, you want what is best for those grandbabies you waited so long for. When you see your child struggling and your grandchildren suffering, you want to step in. However, it is not an easy subject to broach, even in the closest of families.

When Should You Step In?

Sometimes it is clear that a parent is unfit and you need more than just temporary custody of your grandchildren. Other times, whether to broach the subject of temporary custody can be a difficult decision as a parent and grandparent. If you and your child have a good relationship, consider sitting down and talking to them about the season they are experiencing.

Have they recently lost a job? Are they overwhelmed with a variety of things in their life? Are they unable to manage their job, household and the children, which is leading them to fail in all three? In cases like these, where you have a good relationship, you may want to talk to your child about temporary custody of your grandchildren. If they agree and need more than a few days or week to get themselves together, you should call your family attorney about formal temporary custody.

The Process

Temporary custody of grandchildren with parental consent is a fairly straightforward process in Pinellas County, Florida. Your family attorney fills out the request which needs to include a time frame for the temporary custody and a reason. Of course, the court will still do its due diligence to ensure that the child is going to a stable home with at least one adult able to provide for them. The court can grant temporary custody without one or both parent’s permission in cases such as abandonment or severe illness.

How Does Temporary Custody End?

Although there are end dates in some temporary custody situations, more often there are not. In cases where the family chose the temporary custody situation, most often the grandparent relinquishes custody back to the parent voluntarily. The children’s parents can also petition the court to end the current custody situation. In those cases, the judge determines what is in the best interest of the children.

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