post divorce checklist

Your Post-Divorce Checklist

There are still a few things you and your attorney will need to do post-divorce. We will go into that as well as what you should discuss with your financial planner in more detail in our next blog. However, after working in family law for decades, we know there are many things that newly divorced people do not think about or even realize they need to take care of outside of the legal matters. Here are some of the things you need to put on your post-divorce checklist now that you are divorced.

Review Your Divorce Decree & Plan Accordingly

If you are paying alimony or child support, set up a transfer either through your work or bank to ensure it happens as it should. Review your work schedule and custody schedule and do all that you can to ensure that your time with your children is not disrupted by a work trip. If your divorce included a timeframe in which you must either vacate a house or sell a property, begin working on those items to ensure you complete them within the allowed timeframe.

Name Change or Authorized Account Users Updated

When you have a name change associated with a divorce, there are many more documents than you may first think of that require attention. Although most people take care of their Social Security card first followed by their driver’s license, you still have more to do. You need to contact all your banks and credit card companies. When you work with them, be sure to ask who you have as an authorized user on the account or if there is a second card with another name. Your medical, dental, vision, as well as life insurance companies all need the name change information (and beneficiary for life insurance.) If you have a passport, take care of that as soon as possible as well. Although changing subscription names can be lower on your list, you should still work on changing those too.

Plan Some Self-Care

A divorce, no matter how much you wanted it, is an emotional process. If you are suffering from depression, doubt, feelings of low self-worth, or anxiety about your future, seek professional help. You may also want to work on re-discovering who you are as an individual through exploration of old (or new) hobbies.

Change Happens Post-Divorce

If you realize you need post-divorce changes, contact your attorney. Even though you may have spent time and effort working through your divorce, life comes with changes and the need to do a divorce modification may be what is needed.

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