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Custody and Divorce After Domestic Violence

One of the reasons many victims of abuse stay in an abusive relationship is because they believe their abuser will change. Another reason is due to the financial stability they have when they are with their partner. Some stay because they believe their children will be better off in a home with two parents and the abuser never abuses the kids or them in front of the kids.

If you recognize your experience in any of these statements, help is available to you. When you decide you are ready to leave, you may want to contact a divorce lawyer. During your initial call with a divorce lawyer, ask them if they have experience in domestic violence. Tell them about the abuse you have suffered and make note of their reaction. Do not hire an attorney who reacts with anything other than understanding and support of your decision.

Why Experience Matters

Although there are many divorce attorneys in Clearwater, finding one with experience in cases that include domestic violence allegations makes a difference. They can help you understand what you are likely to experience as you move forward. Furthermore, they can provide you with assistance regarding things like:

  • Local resources including counseling and housing for domestic violence victims
  • Filing for a restraining order
  • Requesting primary or sole custody of minor children
  • Arranging supervised visitation or a neutral third party for drop off and pick up of your kids, assuming they have never been victims of the abuse

An experienced divorce lawyer may also warn you about the apologies the abuser may offer and that they may remain soft-spoken any time they are in front of the court. Your divorce lawyer may also tell you that if you are not already documenting everything, you should begin to do so. Write down everything you remember with dates and details from the past, then continue documenting things from today forward.

Wagstaff Law Office is Ready to Help You

When you come to the realization that it is time to separate and file for divorce, you need to find a divorce lawyer who understands domestic violence and how it may impact your case. Wagstaff Law Office has experience helping both men and women through separation, divorce and custody in the wake of domestic violence. If you are ready to take that next step, call us at (727) 584-8182 for your initial consultation.