Five Reasons to Establish Paternity

Sometimes there’s no question as to the parentage of a minor child and both parties acknowledge it. Other times it’s not so clear-cut. If you’re wondering if you should pursue the issue of establishing paternity, here are five reasons you should.

  1. Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits
    This benefits the child in the event of the death of the father. Social Security has a death benefit for minor children. This benefit pays monthly up until age 18. A minor child who becomes disabled before age 22 and remains disabled may also qualify for Social Security benefits based on the parent’s income and status. In some cases, active duty and retired military personnel also have the option to choose survivor’s benefits.
  2. Health Insurance
    A parent can’t provide health insurance to a minor child not related to them or not legally residing with them. In some cases, the state will issue orders for one parent to provide health insurance once paternity has been established.
  3. Inheritance
    Some children born out of wedlock and when the father doesn’t acknowledge the child, sadly miss out on life insurance and other inheritance. When paternity is established prior to the death of the father, distributing the estate becomes less complicated, especially if the primary family wasn’t aware of the child or children.
  4. Custody
    If you weren’t named as the father on the birth certificate, you will have a harder time getting parenting time or full custody. Although we all hope the mother never becomes unfit, passes away, or wants to move outside of the area, it’s in your best interest as the father to be prepared for any of life’s situations. Proving you are the parent gives you the legal standing you need in order to request time with the child or full custody.
  5. Child Support
    Many fathers refuse child support when they don’t believe the child is theirs. By proving paternity through a genetic marker test, you can ask a judge to order child support. If the assumed father refuses to cooperate, you can petition the court to order the test.

Establishing paternity oftentimes benefits the child over his or her entire life. If you are a mother to a child or children and need to prove who the father is, we’d like to help. If you’re the father and want to spend time with your children but the mother refuses to acknowledge you are the father, contact us. Our hope is to establish paternity for the child’s best interests. 727-584-8182