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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Florida

As experienced local divorce attorneys, we are asked many questions before and during the divorce process. However, because each divorce is different, the answers to these questions vary based upon the situation. Though situations differ, there are some general guidelines you may be able to keep in mind. It is important to remember, though, that your case may differ which is why it is important to work closely with your divorce attorney.

1.      Am I Entitled to Alimony?

That depends on several factors. These include the length of the marriage, whether or not you and your spouse both worked throughout the marriage, how much you each have earned, and if there are children involved. If you have taken time off from your career to raise your children or if you work part time for the flexibility of being home after school, you may be entitled to alimony for some number of years. In most cases, alimony is evaluated on the basis of necessity to maintain the standard of living you had during your marriage.

2.      My Spouse is Having an Affair; Does That Matter?

You and your local divorce attorney should discuss what you know about the affair. Although Florida is a no-fault divorce state, if an affair is taking place this may still affect the details of your divorce. If you know or suspect your spouse is spending money on an affair, either through elaborate gifts, supporting the other person, or through other means such as hotel stays and entertainment, their spending may come out of their share of any assets. Although an affair does not often greatly affect custody, it may still be worth noting in your proceedings.

3.      How Long Until My Divorce is Finalized?

Due to COVID-19, many systems, including the court system, are experiencing delays. That being said, your timeline may vary. There are many factors that influence your finalization, from the type of divorce you pursue to the amount of time it takes you and your spouse to agree to settlement details. An uncontested divorce may take as little as three months while a contested divorce may take years to settle. Mediation and collaboration can sometimes help speed up the divorce process.

4.      How Much Child Support Will I Get/Pay?

The Florida child support statutes are clear on child support. It is based on combined net income, number of children, and custody. However, there are many things that can impact child support such as medical bills, childcare, and even extracurricular activities. You and your local divorce attorney should discuss your children’s needs specifically along with the family‚Äôs income. This will impact your child support.

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