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How to Find an Adoption Lawyer

Reaching the decision to adopt is just the beginning of the process. Once you choose to proceed with adoption, finding others to partner with you throughout the process, such as an adoption attorney, can feel like an overwhelming task. There are many adoption attorneys serving Belleair, Belleair Bluffs, and the surrounding areas who could help you. But finding an adoption attorney you are comfortable working with is an important piece in your adoption journey. Here are some tips.

Understand the Type of Adoption You Desire

Some adoption attorneys specialize in open adoptions. Others have experience in the complexities of international adoption. Still others may be licensed only with their state or choose to handle domestic adoptions. Once you determine the type of adoption you prefer for your family, you will be able to focus your search for an adoption lawyer on finding a practice with the experience and knowledge to help.

Are You Using an Agency or Pursuing Private Adoption?

Whether you choose to partner with an adoption agency or pursue private adoption, you and the expectant parents will need separate adoption attorneys. As you begin to research adoption attorneys, have a list of questions relevant to your specific situation. If you have not yet decided between private adoption or an agency-facilitated adoption, you may want to discuss whether the adoption attorney you are considering is able to assist in either situation.

If you are pursuing a family adoption, you will want to have a conversation about the specific details of your situation with the adoption attorney.


All adoptions involve certain fees for the adoptive parents, whether they are private adoptions or adoptions through an agency. These include fees for background checks, home study visits, the writing of the home study itself, and more. If you are considering an adoption agency, you may ask for a fee schedule which will help you plan ahead. In addition to adoption fees, there are attorney’s fees to consider. In Florida, fees for adoption attorneys are capped.

Let Wagstaff & Pitelis Help

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