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National Domestic Violence Month

Since 1989, October has been designated as National Domestic Violence Month. Sadly, domestic violence is still prevalent in our society more than 30 years later. It does not restrict itself to one race, gender, or even type of relationship. If you are suffering in an abusive relationship, whether with a spouse, partner, parent, or sibling, there are resources that can help. In addition to the national hotline which can be reached at 1-800-799-7233, a family law attorney can advocate for you and help you separate or divorce your spouse, file a restraining order, and more.

How Do You Define Domestic Violence?

Although many think of domestic violence as physical battery, it actually encompasses much more. In fact, the term domestic abuse is as common a phrase and a more accurate one. In many ways domestic abuse is more dangerous as often there are no physical marks for the police to see to make an arrest. Because domestic violence is fairly straightforward to define (it includes any type of physical violence suffered by a domestic partner or household member), we want to point out some other signs of domestic abuse you may experience by another:

  • Publicly embarrasses or ridicules you
  • Belittles you so you constantly second guess your choices or feel ashamed
  • Blames you for their feelings, moods or actions
  • Intimidates or pressures you into doing anything you are not comfortable with
  • Controls your actions, finances, contacts, or otherwise prevents you from doing what you want when you want
  • Works to change the way you dress, act, or behave in public or private

If you are ever fearful of how your partner will behave in private or public or feel the need to make excuses for their words or actions, you may be in an abusive relationship and should seek help from friends, family, a therapist, or even a family law attorney.

Ready to End Your Abusive Relationship

Call Wagstaff & Pitelis at (727) 584-8182. We can help you with restraining orders, child custody, divorce, and any other family law matter you need. Our compassionate team in Largo will help you understand your rights legally and help you through the process. We are experienced in Florida law and locally help people throughout Pinellas County. Do not stay in an abusive relationship another day. Call the domestic violence hotline or your local family law attorney today.