Post-Divorce Matters: Changes in Child Custody

Post-Divorce Matters: Changes in Child Custody

Parents of children under the age of 18 have the tremendous decision of child custody arrangements. In Florida, the courts factor in two types: time-sharing and parental responsibility. Time-sharing refers to the physical time shared between the parent and child, whereas, parental responsibility refers more to the decision-making ability when it comes to medical and educational matters, for example.

After a divorce is finalized and custody arrangements are agreed upon, there is always the chance that something will change and custody may need modification.

Here are some common circumstances where custody can be modified:

  • Substance abuse, drug or alcohol-related problems
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Financial difficulties
  • Illness or death

Courts take child custody very seriously. With that said, a parent who decides they don’t approve of their ex-spouse’s new fiancé is not necessarily a valid reason for changes to custody arrangements. There must be a substantial change of circumstances to warrant a modification.


Another common instance is relocation. If one parent must move due to a life change, both parents can sign a consent form and outline the new custody arrangements. If there is a disagreement in terms of the relocation, the parent can serve a petition and file it with the court.

Ultimately, when the child’s well-being is at stake, there is no substitute for sound legal counsel. Our office has unprecedented experience in family legal matters including post-divorce issues related to child custody. Please contact us if you have any questions about your parental rights, and we’ll be happy to assist.