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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

A divorce is often difficult and emotional. Each party may have divorce lawyers and typically communicate through the lawyers regarding settlement expectations. It is common for former spouses to have difficulty agreeing upon what may be right or fair. When this happens, there are at least two options: go to court and let the judge decide or try mediation. Mediation often offers several benefits over going straight to court.

Mediation Keeps You in the Process

Whether you decide to include your divorce lawyers in the mediation or work only with the mediator, you are part of the process. You and your former spouse have more control regarding the settlement. You can discuss what you want and make concessions on the spot to come to a resolution for everything from property to debts to child custody.

Better for Children

Because parents often know what is in the best interest of their children, mediation is a way you and the co-parent can establish custody and visitation that is in the best interest of your shared child. If you take the custody situation to court, the judge will often follow the state’s guidelines, even if that does not work for your children, work schedule, or needs.

It Is Faster

Courts may be backed up and if you are hoping to formally end the relationship sooner, mediation can help. You may find that it only takes one or two sessions to come to an agreement. Then one of your attorneys will draw up the agreed-upon settlement and you can both sign the paperwork.

Mediation is Confidential

When you choose mediation, your session is private. No one other than you, your divorce lawyers (if you choose to have them attend the session), and the mediator are in the room. This keeps your private conversations out of public eye.

Wagstaff Law Office has experienced divorce lawyers ready to help you through the divorce process, with or without mediation. We have seen the benefits of mediation and recommend considering this option when feasible. If you are interested in talking to us about your separation and divorce, call (727) 584-8182 for your initial consultation.