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Things to Do Post-Adoption

Congratulations on growing your family! The day the adoption is finalized is an exciting time for both the parents and child. It should be celebrated. However, when it is done, even if it took longer than anyone imagined it would, your work is far from over. You now have a new to-do list, some of which are post-adoption legal matters.

File for All the Proper Paperwork & Submit It

Although the state will re-issue the birth certificate once the adoption is finalized, you will then be able to begin the other post-adoption tasks. First, you need to get an updated Social Security card. If the child is school age, you will also need to provide the district with paperwork changing your legal status and their name. You should also contact your health insurance. If they were not already on the policy, enroll them. If they were, you need to update their legal names.

Purchase Life Insurance

Depending on your financial situation, life insurance may be a good option. It can ensure that your family is provided for in the event of one or both of the parent’s passing. You should speak with your financial representative about which type of life insurance is your best option.

Estate Planning

Assuming you have a will and/or trust you will want to update it to reflect your new family. Estate planning with children is different than without. Many people choose to establish a trust for their children. Your personal representative can be appointed as the trustee in the event of your passing or you can appoint their legal guardian or someone else as the trustee. This will help ensure that your children are provided for through the trust based on your wishes.

Appoint a Legal Guardian

Obviously, this is not something we ever want to think about as new parents. However, having a legal guardian in place protects your children from having to go into the foster care system in the event of your untimely passing. This is perhaps the most important of the post-adoption legal-matters you should cover. Make sure to have a detailed conversation with the person or persons you choose as the legal guardian so that there are no surprises.

Trust Wagstaff & Pitelis

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