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What Happens After We Agree to Terms for Our Divorce?

If you and your spouse are divorcing in Belleair, Largo, or anywhere else in Florida, you may be encouraged to try divorce through mediation or collaboration before going in front of a judge. Taking one of these paths and successfully reaching an agreement does not mean you are divorced. It simply means you have reached an agreement. To finalize your divorce, you may need to take additional steps, depending on your situation.

Steps to Take After a Successful Mediation

Let’s assume that, after several mediation sessions, you and your spouse come to an agreement regarding terms of the divorce. This means you agree on division of property, debts, child custody, and any kind of support. Additional details must be considered even if you have already agreed to some terms. First, your divorce attorney will review the specifics of your agreement. The divorce attorney is involved at this stage to ensure that the settlement is in your best interest and within the law. Assuming everything is within the law and fair, a final judgment is drawn up. You and your spouse sign the final judgment, and then it is presented to the court for an order of dissolution.

Steps to Take After Your Divorce Collaboration

Because you and your divorce attorney work together on your collaborative divorce, there is not much more you need to do if both you and your spouse chose this path and come to an agreement. One of the divorce attorneys (usually the one representing the petitioner) will draw up the final judgment. You and your spouse will both need to sign it. Then it is presented for final judgment before the court. Once the judge signs the order of dissolution, you are officially divorced.

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