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Common Questions of Birth Parents Considering Adoption

When you are a birth parent, it may seem difficult at times to find answers for your questions related to adoption. As experienced adoption attorneys, we thought we would provide an overview of some common questions and our answers.

What Expenses Will the Adoptive Parents Cover?

Because every situation is different, it is hard to say exactly what the adoptive parents will cover in every situation. However, as a birth parent you may choose to ask for the following expenses to be covered:

  • All medical expenses related to the pregnancy and birth
  • Any joint or independent sessions for counseling related to the adoption
  • Maternity clothing
  • Legal and adoption fees

Birth parents cannot make a profit from the adoption; however, some families will provide a stipend for a birth parent’s living expenses during pregnancy or postpartum recovery.

Does the Biological Father Have to Consent?

The specifics depend greatly on the biological father’s involvement. If he would like to parent, a birth mother may need to consider allowing him to adopt the child. If he is uninvolved, denies he is actually the father, or otherwise indicates he is not interested in involvement, he may not need to sign off on the adoption, but it is best to consult an attorney for your particular situation. Of course, if you know of a reason, such as abuse or addiction, that the child should not be placed with the father, you may need the help of the court to terminate his rights.

What Happens if the Prospective Adoptive Parents Change Their Mind?

This depends on where you are in the adoption process. If an adoption agreement is signed by both parties but the adoptive family changes their mind later on, birth parents do not have to repay any of their costs. If you, however, change your mind, they can request total reimbursement of the expenses. It doesn’t matter whether this is a private adoption using adoption attorneys or an agency adoption.

How Far Along Does the Pregnancy Need to Be to Start the Adoption Process?

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, you can start looking for an adoptive family. There are many ways to do this through local groups and agencies who connect birth parents with adoptive families. In Florida, adoptions are finalized 48 hours after birth in most circumstances.

Can I Choose My Level of Contact with the Child I Place for Adoption?

In a private adoption, it is common for birth parents and adoptive parents to put together a communication plan. An attorney should draw up the agreement for the protection of both parties. If you have separate adoption attorneys, either attorney can draw up the plan for the other party to review.

Whether you are an adoptive parent pursuing a private adoption or a birth parent who would like to know more about placing a child for adoption, our experienced adoption attorneys can answer your questions and help you throughout the process. Call us at (727) 584-8182 or fill out our contact form.