Four Things to Know Before Considering Adoption

If you are considering adoption as a means to grow your family, know that there are many paths available to you. Whichever path you choose, it is advisable to work with a lawyer who has adoption experience throughout the process.

The Home Study Requirement

Every adoption nationwide requires the successful completion of a home study. The entity performing the home study looks into all aspects of your life. This includes your home, finances, background of every adult in your home, and even your close relationships. A home study seeks to show that you are able to provide a stable and safe environment for a child. It takes many months to complete a home study.

Married, Single and Same Sex Couples Can Adopt

Both spouses must petition jointly for an adoption. This applies to traditional marriage and same sex couples. Virtually every agency will work with a traditional husband and wife; however, you should know that some agencies will not work with single parents or same sex couples. If you are single or in a non-traditional situation, working with an adoption lawyer through a private adoption may be a great option for you.

You and the Birth Parent May Choose the Degree of Openness for Your Adoption

In many circumstances, even in adoptions from foster care, you and the birth parent may be able to choose the level of contact between all parties in the adoption triad: the child, the birth parents and you. You and your adoption lawyer can draw up paperwork to define the relationship. This helps everyone have the same expectations from the beginning. You can detail the type of contact, frequency and other details that should be included in the written contract.

Counseling May Be Beneficial

Any time a child is added to a family, it ushers in big changes for all involved. Families may choose to seek support through counseling before and after placement. There is no time or set number of visits required by law. However, conversations with mental health professionals experienced with adoption may be of great benefit to your entire family.

We Can Be Your Adoption Lawyer

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