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Domestic Abuse May Continue After Separation

In 2019 there were over 100,000 cases of domestic abuse or violence reported to law enforcement. Although the vast majority were between spouses or those cohabitating, separation or divorce does not always end the abuse. In these cases, further steps may need to be taken in order to keep the abused partner (and sometimes children) safe.

Signs of Continued Abuse

In a previous blog, we covered types of domestic abuse. Some common types of abuse are emotional, verbal and economical. In these instances, physical separation from an abusive partner may not always solve the problem. Some signs that you may still be experiencing abuse include:

  • Threats of withholding child support or alimony if you do not conform to the other’s demands.
  • Degradation or name calling, especially in front of minor children.
  • Use of minor children to manipulate you or the previously agreed upon time sharing schedule.
  • Ongoing disregard of agreed upon items. Also, blaming you for mishearing, misunderstanding or forgetting a change to a schedule or other agreement.

There may also be some level of abuse if your children come back to your home and share about conversations wherein you were mentioned in conjunction with threatening or demeaning language.

What You Can Do

As with non-physical abuse, the case may come down to your word against your partner’s. This is why it is essential to document everything as thoroughly as possible. If you thought the problem was just a one-time issue but now see it as a pattern, think back and document everything you can remember specifically. If you have not already let your divorce attorney know about the ongoing issues, call your lawyer. Even though the divorce may be finalized, there are steps that may be taken to request a modification of divorce or custody. Your attorney may determine that the best next step is to file an injunction. In severe cases, a request for a protective order may be an option.

You and your children deserve the best protection possible from all types of abuse. If your abuser now targets your children, let your attorney know. If you no longer have an attorney, the team at Wagstaff Law Office can help you with your needs. We are a full-service family law firm with experience in all aspects of domestic abuse. We can assist with separation, divorce and custody issues including modifications. Call us today at (727) 584-8182 for your confidential consultation.