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Domestic Abuse Is on the Rise

There are many types of abuse, all of which are on the rise since the coronavirus pandemic began. This is not just true in Tampa or Florida or the United States; it is a worldwide problem. An article in Psychology Today cites that the increase in domestic abuse cases could be as much as 20%. As a family lawyer, we know that there are many types of domestic abuse that happen. Many may never leave a physical mark on your body but can be equally as harmful to a person.

Types of Abuse

The most commonly discussed and recognized abuse is physical abuse. This is most often perpetrated against women but not always. It is more recognizable because bruises and broken bones may be easy to see. Doctors, teachers and other public servants must report suspected abuse, so there is a perception that it is the most common type. However, it may not be.

Other types of domestic abuse include:

  • Emotional – If your spouse continually humiliates, belittles, or ridicules you, you are being emotionally abused.
  • Isolating – A spouse who restricts your movements through control of money, vehicle or your phone is isolating you. This is an extreme form of control. They may even accuse you of an affair every time you are out of their sight.
  • Sexual – No one has the right to force you to have sex with them or anyone else. This also includes refusal of birth control and forced touching.
  • Financial – When you have no access to money, no matter who earns it, you are a victim of financial abuse. Another form is when a partner uses your name for their financial gain like on a loan. Finally, if your spouse refuses to allow you to hold a job, that can be considered financial abuse.

What You Should Do

If you suspect someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, talk to them about what you have observed. Offer assistance in any way you can. Lend them your phone to call a family lawyer. Help them find a safe place to go. If you are the one being abused, you need to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. Find a trusted friend to turn to and make phone calls and arrangements to leave.

If you do not have a family lawyer, call Wagstaff Family Law. We can help you decide on your next steps and assist you as you move forward with your life toward safety. Call us today at (727) 584-8182 for your confidential consultation.