domestic abuse

Domestic Abuse is More than Just Physical Abuse

As a family law practice dealing frequently in divorce, we understand that there are many reasons a marriage doesn’t work out. Although family and friends may encourage you to stay, if your reason for leaving is due to abuse, it’s better to remove yourself from the situation than risk serious harm. Domestic abuse is often thought of as being only physical, however, there are other forms of abuse a partner can inflict. Abuse is often thought of as something solely affecting females. Although the vast majority of domestic abuse victims are women, some are also men.

Understanding Domestic Abuse

An experienced family law practice knows that domestic abuse includes more than just physical abuse. Sadly, many victims don’t realize they’re being abused until it’s pointed out. Many abusers don’t have one abuse weapon, but rather abuse their victims in many ways. The other common types of abuse:

  • Emotional Abuse – This is a very controlling type of abuse. Often the abuser criticizes or belittles the victim or accuses him or her of cheating, tells them they’re unattractive, and often the abuser blames the victim for their unhappiness.
  • Verbal Abuse – There are many forms of verbal abuse from name calling to yelling to the point of terrorizing those on the other end of the abuse. Physical abuse and sexual abuse often accompany verbal abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse – No one can force another to have sex. Married or not, no means no. Another form of sexual abuse is using guilt to make the other person be intimate. Making fun of someone’s sexuality can also be this type of abuse.
  • Economic Abuse – If your partner controls the money and severely limits what you can spend or removes access to available funds, those are types of economic abuse. Sometimes both partners work outside the home and the abuser limits financial access to the point that the spouse can’t get to work with the end result of being fired or having to quit. This further isolates them and makes them rely more heavily on the abuser. Other types include the abuser spending money that’s needed for necessities on frivolous or illegal items instead.
  • Isolation – Victims sometimes self-isolate. They fear accusations of wrongdoings by the partner that may lead to more physical abuse. Or they don’t want friends to see the bruises. Other victims are isolated by their abusers due to control of money, transportation, clothing, and other resources.

Don’t Stay in an Abusive Situation Any Longer

We can’t stress enough that if you are suffering from any type of abuse that you should call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 800-799-7233. Once you’re in a safe situation, call an attorney. You are valuable no matter what you’ve been led to believe. You deserve to be safe. Wagstaff Law Offices, P.A. can help you with your divorce no matter why type of abuse you’ve suffered. We’re a dedicated family law practice with experience dealing with divorce, including abuse accusations. Fill out our contact form or all us today at 727-854-8182 for your free initial consultation.