domestic violence

What You Can Do as a Victim of Domestic Violence

No one deserves to be abused. Your abuser may want you to believe it’s your fault that you’re being hit, punched, or otherwise hurt. It’s not. Abusers often isolate their victims so that they have no where to turn. If you feel you are stuck in an abusive relationship, there are many organizations throughout the country and in Florida ready to help. Here is a link to many that assist domestic violence victims. If you’re ready to get your life back, here are some things you can do.

Get a Restraining Order

Although a restraining order doesn’t always keep the abuser away, it can help. It also makes the state and local jurisdiction aware of the alleged abuse. Having a restraining order can aid you in a custody issue if children are involved. In some cases, a judge may order the abuser out of the family home.

File for Divorce and Custody

Some attorneys specialize in cases where there has been abuse. One of the biggest benefits of having an attorney knowledgeable in domestic violence is that they can deal with your abuser without being manipulated. With an attorney, you won’t need to face our abuser or communicate with them even if they choose not to have their own attorney.

They can help with a restraining order if that hasn’t yet been filed. They will also be able to get you the financial support, counseling, and support for your children that may be necessary after prolonged abuse. In Florida, you would also be entitled to child support upon receiving sole custody.

Consider a Domestic Violence Lawsuit

If you’re not married to your abuser but have suffered financial loss from the abuse, you can file a civil lawsuit. You and your attorney would work to recover lost wages from time out of work due to hospital stays or surgery as well as out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred from the direct result of the abuse and pain and suffering. Your attorney would be able to help you choose the best witnesses and support you through the trial where you would have to face your abuser.

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