FAQs About Collaborative Divorce

August 9, 2023
questions about collaborative divorce

One of the more common methods to obtaining a dissolution of marriage in Florida is through a collaborative divorce. However, because the name is not clear as to exactly what it is, many people have questions. As a collaborative divorce lawyer, we have gathered many of the most frequently asked questions here for easy reference.…

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What Your Parenting Plan Should Include

July 26, 2023
mom and daughter discussing plans

You and your attorney will work through many things during your divorce. The biggest will be those related to your children. Although it may seem like time-sharing is the most important, many parents find that, in the end, the parenting plan is the document that requires the most work. If you have yet to discuss…

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Is My Time-Sharing Agreement Flexible?

July 13, 2023
family at beach and time-sharing over the summer

As summer is now more than half over, we have heard from many families about their time-sharing agreement. Sometimes one parent is not following the schedule, other times kids activities, friends and interests make time-sharing in summer a bit more difficult. If you are wondering what can be done for the rest of the summer…

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Paternity and Inheritance Rights in Florida: What You Need to Know

June 21, 2023
father and child - paternity and inheritance rights

As a father, you have certain rights. And, your children have certain rights. Although many of these are similar from state to state, you and your child are not guaranteed these rights unless paternity is established. Of course, if you were married to the mother of the child at the time of the birth, you…

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Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Unmarried Fathers in Florida

June 9, 2023
child on parent's shoulders

When a woman and man are married and a child is born, the state assumes that he is the father. However, when a woman has a child out of wedlock, there is no presumption of fatherhood. In many cases, the woman names the father on the birth certificate giving the father the rights he is…

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The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in Florida

May 25, 2023
the need for guardian ad litem

Although many people think that a guardian ad litem in Florida is only used in a custody case during a divorce, that’s not always the case. The role and purpose of a guardian ad litem (GAL) is to advocate for a child’s best interest in any court proceeding. Not, as many people believe, the child’s…

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Similarities & Differences of Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

May 11, 2023
mediation and collaboration

If you and your spouse are at the point where divorce is the only option, there are several paths to that end point. Likely you will both hire a divorce attorney. During your initial consultation, they may talk to you about divorce mediation and collaborative divorce as two methods that couples use to come to…

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3 Common Estate Planning Mistakes

April 27, 2023
estate planning mistakes

Because it is Financial Literacy Month, we thought we would share some common estate planning mistakes families in Pinellas County and throughout Florida make. Estate planning is important so your estate does not go into intestate, a process that takes time and complicates the process of estate distribution for your loved ones and beneficiaries. 1. Not…

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Financial Literacy Extends to Your End of Life Plans

April 13, 2023
sitting with an estate lawyer for end of life plans

Financial literacy is much more than understanding not to spend more than you make and to pay your bills on time. True financial literacy includes an understanding of income, investments, retirement, tax implications of your income and investments, and even what will happen to your wealth upon your death. As an estate attorney we help…

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Understanding What Can Be in a Prenuptial Agreement

March 23, 2023
what's allowed in a prenup - couple with attorney

Too many people think of a prenuptial agreement as something they need only if they are very wealthy or do not entirely trust their future spouse. In reality, a prenup can protect each party. However, there are limits as to what can and cannot be included in one. Before you meet with your family law…

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