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Mediation Myths

If you are hesitant about utilizing mediation for your divorce in Pinellas County, make sure something you have heard that is steering you away from mediation is not a myth. We know that some people do not have success utilizing mediation for their divorce, but for many, it is a great option.

Myth #1 – You Have to Utilize Mediation for Your Divorce in Pinellas County

In most instances you must attempt your divorce through either mediation or collaboration before filing in the courts for your dissolution of marriage. The cases that allow you to go straight to court are those where there is a history of abuse (including substance) and some high conflict divorces.

Myth #2 – Mediation is Only for Simple/Small Estate Divorces with No Children

Mediation works for any size family on any size estate. The mediator will guide you through the process. If she thinks an impartial financial analyst will benefit the process, she can request one be hired.

Myth #3 – Men Always Win in Mediation

We believe this myth persists because of the men who tend to handle the household finances and therefore know more about all that is happening. If the woman does not have a clear understanding of their household financials, your mediator will bring in the financial analyst to ensure everyone receives a fair settlement.

Myth #4 – The Mediator Can Break a Stalemate

The mediator cannot make you or your spouse do anything. They are there to guide the process, make suggestions to help you come to an agreement, and recommend tabling discussions when you reach a stalemate. In some cases, a mediator will help you get most of your estate issues settled and you only take the few that you are unable to come to agreement on before the court.

Myth #5 – There Are No Advantages to Utilizing Mediation

This is perhaps the biggest myth of all. When you go to court for your divorce in Pinellas County, everything you say and do becomes a matter of public record. That means your kids, your former spouse’s family, and even your nosey neighbor can learn things about your life you never intended for anyone to know. There are many other advantages that you can find by clicking here.

Wagstaff & Pitelis Offer Many Options for Divorce in Pinellas County

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