Grandparent Issues

How to Resolve Grandparent Issues with Legal Custody

Grandparent issues can become a hassle for those who are trying to raise their grandchildren in Palm Harbor. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your custody options, the family law attorneys at Wagstaff Law Office can help you understand the legal side of things so you can focus on devoting the love and care your grandchildren need.

Many difficulties can arise when relationship boundaries are fuzzy between parents, children, and grandparents. Understanding the custody rights available and solidifying your legal status will provide the confidence you need for you to act in the best interest of the kids and resolve unclear boundaries with their parents.

What Are My Legal Custody Options?

Some of your grandparent issues in Palm Harbor can be resolved once you secure your legal custody rights as long as the kids are under your permanent care. In general, you have three legal options:

Legal Custody

Obtaining legal custody is the most common choice in situations where parents of the children gave up their parental rights, or if they are unfit for parenting. If you are awarded legal custody, the parents will be required to go through a court process to retrieve custody rights if their circumstances change.


In most cases, the grandparent issues revolving around the question of custody can be handled in probate court in Palm Harbor. As a guardian, you can take care of your grandchildren on a day-to-day basis, while their parents will retain some of their parental rights. Your exact responsibilities may vary depending on your case, but you may have the right to make medical decisions and add the children to your health insurance plan.


If you are seeking full parental rights for your grandchildren, adoption is a good choice to consider. Once you adopt the children, the parents give up all of their legal parenting rights and permanently pass them over to you.

Resolve Grandparent Issues with Wagstaff Law Office

Obtaining legal custody, guardianship, or adoption rights for your grandchildren in Palm Harbor is a legal court procedure and having an attorney that specializes in grandparent issues can help you to make sure you get the custody rights you need in your situation. The family law attorneys at Wagstaff Law Office understand complicated relationships and we help you resolve problems on a legal level. Give us a call at 727-584-8182 to discuss your situation.