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Can My Ex-Spouse File for Divorce Modification Without Me?

If you believe that your ex-spouse may be tempted to file for divorce modification without your involvement in Largo, read on. This blog post will discuss how to find out if it is possible, and how you can protect yourself.

Is a Divorce Modification Possible?

Your ex-spouse can file to amend your final marriage dissolution agreement under certain circumstances. However, there is a legal process that must take place, and the appeal will not be considered without good reason.

A divorce modification is not something that is treated flippantly; there must be a significant change in circumstance or proof the decree was somehow unjust for the appeal to be considered. The changes in circumstances must be substantial, such as loss of job, major economic downturn, physical injuries, relocation, and so on.

Will I Be Notified?

If your ex-spouse decides to file for divorce modification, you will be informed that the request has been submitted. After this, you should expect to receive an application to attend the hearing in Largo. There will be an official court process, and because it can be as complicated as the separation itself, you may have an opportunity to meet with your ex beforehand. Pre-trial mediation before appearing in front of a judge can prevent or offset issues further down the road.

If you fear that your settlement can simply be changed without your participation, or worse, without your awareness of the fact, worry not, for that is highly unlikely to happen. Altering the separation arrangement requires an official court process, and you will have the opportunity to argue your side if you believe that the request is unfair. If the modification does not go through the official process, it will not be legally enforceable.

If You Don’t Agree With Your Ex-Spouse, Call Wagstaff

In the event that your ex-spouse has filed for divorce modification, there is no guarantee that the request will finalized. You will have a chance to state your case if you think that the demand is unjust. Our attorneys at Wagstaff Law Offices, P.A. in Largo can help you stand your ground. It is our goal to make sure you do not end up with the short end of the stick. Give us a call at 727-584-8182 to talk about your situation and let us fight on your behalf.