divorce modification

Is It Time For A Divorce Modification?

You separated from your former spouse and have been enjoying your newfound freedoms for some time in Largo, but life throws a curve ball your way, and you are now looking at your dissolution agreement wishing you had done things differently. No need to sweat it— a divorce modification is an option under particular circumstances. Read on to find out how the attorneys at Wagstaff Law Offices can help you.

Parenting Plans

Even a perfect parenting plan may need to be adjusted as children grow up in Largo, or as questions you never considered come up. When there is a substantial change in circumstance, or if there is an adjustment in your child’s best interest, divorce modification will most likely be permitted.

Child Support

Child support is calculated based on your income and the needs of your child. Both factors can change, and when they do, you can modify the child support requirements accordingly. You may need to add a child or remove someone who is no longer a minor, extend support, or adjust medical provision to make it more applicable to your current situation.


Income can fluctuate for better or for worse on a regular or random basis in Largo. If you are going through career changes, income fluctuations, or financial emergencies, a divorce modification allows the adjustments you need to avoid any penalties in the future. Florida State law permits permanent or temporary alimony changes.


Relocating to another state or country can affect your marriage settlement in peculiar ways. If you are currently updating your address, look at your dissolution agreement just in case an adjustment needs to be made. If there are children involved, some changes will be necessary. In fact, most cases will require you to receive permissions for relocation from Family Court before packing the U-Haul.

Call Wagstaff Law Offices for Divorce Modification

If it is time for a divorce modification, call your family law attorneys at Wagstaff Law Offices in Largo to make the adjustments you need. Parenting plans, alimony, and relocation are just a few reasons that are cause for alterations to be made. If you have any questions about your case, give us a call at 727-584-8182 to find out more.