legal documents you need after you marry

Why You Should Contact a Family Law Firm When You Marry

No one ever thinks that their lives will end tragically. However, it seems that every time we turn on the news there is another tragic death in Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, or the Tampa Bay area. There is always someone left behind who has to take care of the deceased person’s belongings and more. When you are married, it is your spouse. However, without having things in writing, your spouse may not be able to prove your last wishes. That is just one reason you should contact a family law firm when you get married and put your wishes in writing.

It Helps Avoid Battles Between Parents & Spouses

You may recall the case of the woman in Florida who fell into a persistent vegetative state. The husband knew his wife did not want to be kept alive on machines, but her parents disagreed. They battled in court for seven years. If that couple had seen a family law firm and had a medical power of attorney, living will, or another type of advanced directive they would not have endured the pain of the trials and her wishes would have been known by all.

Leave Your Assets Where You Want Them to Go

Whether you have just a few things and little money or are very wealthy, without a will your assets go into what is called intestate. When that happens, the state distributes your assets and other belongings. In the majority of situations, the property goes to the surviving spouse without question or issue. However, in the event you both die in the same accident, there would be an issue. A will or trust helps ensure that your estate is distributed as you wish. It also helps the process happen more quickly than it would without a will or trust.

A Plan for Your Children

Whether you have children from a previous marriage only or with your spouse, you need a plan for your children. This is most easily done by establishing a trust where they are the beneficiaries. However, you also need to appoint a legal guardian and executor of the trust. The trust can provide funds for them in the event you die before they reach the age of majority.

Wagstaff & Pitelis Is Your Local Family Law Firm

Our family law attorneys can help you establish whatever documents you need to ensure that your final wishes are carried out. If you are not sure whether you need a will or trust, we will help you decide what is right for your situation. Call (727) 584-8182 to schedule your appointment today.