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5 Things You Should Do Post Divorce

No matter how long and complicated or quick and simple your divorce, there are things you need to do once it is finalized. Some things you can do yourself, other things are best done with the help of a family law attorney. These things protect you and your family in the future.

1. Change Your Beneficiaries

When you marry, you normally name your spouse as a beneficiary on retirement accounts and life insurance. However, when you divorce, they are not automatically removed. You will need to provide documentation of your divorce to your life insurance company and retirement account holder that you are no longer married. Then you will be able to provide them with a new named beneficiary.

2. Have a New Will Drawn Up

Not only should you meet with your family law attorney about a new will, but also other necessary documents like power of attorney and a living will. You do not want the one with your former spouse to be considered as valid if something happens.

3. Update All Banking Information

That may mean anything from just removing your former spouse from the account or changing names. You will need to provide proof of name change if that was part of your divorce settlement in order to get new credit and debit cards.

4. Check Your Credit

This is especially important in a less than amicable divorce. You may not remember that you and your spouse took out a credit card together years ago and never closed it. Pull your credit reports from at least two of the three credit reporting agencies to make sure you have closed all joint accounts.

5. Follow Through on All Aspects of Your Divorce Decree

Every marital settlement agreement is different. If yours requires you to pay child support, pay it. Stick to the agreed upon parenting plan. Follow through with any promises of division of assets being sold. Failing to do so can have consequences. Likewise, if your former spouse fails to follow through on any items they are legally bound to do, reach out to your family law attorney for help.

We Can Help

The Wagstaff & Pitelis team can help with all your post-divorce needs. Whether you have a simple need like a new will and related documents drawn up or something more involved like a divorce modification, our team is here for you. Call us today at (727) 584-8182 for your no obligation consultation.