woman taking off her wedding ring after signing her divorce papers with her attorney

Why Hire a Local Divorce Attorney

Florida allows you to file for divorce without the help of a lawyer. Because of this, we are often asked why someone should hire a local divorce attorney if legally they can divorce without one. There are many reasons; in short, a divorce lawyer brings a lot of experience and knowledge that will work to help you get the most out of your settlement.

An Attorney is There for You from Start to Finish

In most cases, Florida divorces require utilizing either mediation or collaboration prior to going to court. A local divorce attorney can answer questions about the two processes and guide you to the one that will best suit your situation. They will continue to be there for you throughout the process lending not only an ear, but also sound legal advice.

Filing for Divorce is a lot of Work

Unless you have no assets or debts as a couple, there is a lot of work which leads to a great deal of paperwork. The required forms take time to complete properly, including the organization of the supporting documentation. If you complete the forms incorrectly or they are incomplete, you end up wasting time. You may possibly lose out on support you would otherwise legally be entitled to receive. Mistakes can also lead to delay in the finalization of your divorce.

Your Attorney Wants to Help You

When you find the right local divorce attorney, they want you to obtain the best settlement possible. They know the questions to ask. The right information helps ensure that you receive the proper child support and/or spousal support that the law allows. And they help make sure you do not overlook the small things that may not seem important at the time but could end up costing you money in the long run.

They Are Not Emotionally Involved

Ending a marriage is rarely easy on either party. That sometimes leads to you making an emotional decision rather than a rational one. Your attorney can advise you when you are letting emotions dictate your stance on something contested in the divorce. They can also communicate with your spouse or their attorney, making it easier on you.

Hire Wagstaff & Pitelis for Your Pinellas County Divorce

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