Tips for a Successful Divorce Mediation

August 25, 2022
divorce mediation

As Florida law now requires you to try divorce through mediation or collaboration before appearing in front of a judge (in most cases), going into talks with someone you no longer care to be around can feel daunting. However, as a mediation divorce attorney, we have some tips to help you have successful divorce mediation…

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Steps of a Collaborative Divorce

August 18, 2022
collaborative divorce

If you are planning to file for divorce in Pinellas County, or elsewhere in Florida, you will need to try either collaboration or mediation before taking your divorce to court. Collaborative divorce is a great option if you want and need the input of a divorce attorney throughout the process. Here are the steps you…

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Recommendations for Child Custody

July 28, 2022
family custody

A divorce with children means figuring out a time-sharing agreement, also known as child custody. Although there was a time when the mother had primary custody and the father got visitation, that is no longer the norm. In Pinellas County, and throughout Florida, we are seeing more equal sharing of custody between parents than ever…

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Should My Child Have Input to Our Timesharing Agreement?

July 14, 2022
family custody

In Pinellas County, and throughout Florida, the courts try to award joint custody arrangement with each parent having significant quality time with their children. Sometimes that means a 50/50 timesharing agreement, other times it looks a little different. However, it is not uncommon for a client to ask us whether their child’s desires can or…

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When DNA Testing Uncovers Hidden Truths

June 23, 2022
DNA testing fatherhood

There was a time, not too long ago, when determining paternity cost thousands of dollars. Now for less than $100 families all over the world are discovering hidden truths. Sometimes new connections bring joy, other times, broken hearts. When you discover that you are not the biological father of a child you love and are…

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Legitimizing Paternity in Florida

June 15, 2022
paternity - daughter & dad

It is often surprising to fathers who have a child out of wedlock that the State of Florida does not automatically grant them any rights, even if they are named as the father on the birth certificate. When a child is born out of wedlock, the mother is the guardian and has legal custody. That…

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How to Help the Ukrainian People

May 23, 2022
Ukraine help

The situation in Ukraine is horrifying, sad and unbelievable. Although we are a continent away and certainly hope that this conflict ends soon, the people of Ukraine need help more than ever. If you are wondering what you can do to help the Ukrainian people, we have some suggestions as well as some things to…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Through Mediation

May 12, 2022
Mediation and Collaborative Law

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. It is also one of the few states that requires you to at least try mediation before appearing before a judge. For couples who can communicate amicably, mediation is an increasingly common means to a divorce in Clearwater. However, because it is not the traditional way to divorce, it…

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April is Financial Literacy Month

April 26, 2022
Financial Literacy Month - April 2022 - Estate Attorney

Since 2004, April has been designated as financial literacy month to help people understand the importance of financial literacy. Depending where you are in life, financial literacy means different things and involves different people in our lives. For example, one of our team member’s first grader’s class is learning about the value of different coins.…

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Understanding Estate Planning

April 13, 2022
estate planning with Wagstaff & Pitelis

To many, estate planning seems too complicated so they continue to put it off. However, it is too important a task not to give it your attention. By working with a family law firm who specialize in estate planning in Largo, Florida or in your state, the process can be made easier. We understand that…

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